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Silent, emissions-free trucks are already on their way.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Remember smog? California sure as heck does, tour thái lan giá rẻ and in order to prevent a return to a permanent haze over parts of the state, du lịch thái lan the California Air Resources Board has decided to implement a sweeping mandate that's unlike any other proposed thus far.
CARB announced this week that it has adopted a rule that see truck manufacturers shifting from diesel to electric [/roadshow/trucks/ trucks] starting in 2024. The goal, per CARB's press release, tour thái lan is to have every new truck in the state be electric by 2045. In addition to the two dates mentioned above, CARB's ruling adds some more specificity. Short-haul drayage in ports and railyards should be fully zero-emissions by 2035, with last-mile delivery vehicles reaching that target five years later.

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"For decades, while the automobile has grown cleaner and more efficient, the other half of our transportation system has barely moved the needle on clean air," said Mary D. Nichols, CARB chair, [ in a statement]. "Diesel vehicles are the workhorses of the economy, and we need them to be part of the solution to persistent pockets of dirty air in some of our most disadvantaged communities. Now is the time -- the technology is here and so is the need for investment."