Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean And Bond s Blower In Phone News Video

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Phone News: Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean and Bond's blower


Prepare your brain for all the phone news it can handle -- from [/news/android-4-1-jelly-bean-release-date-features-and-more/ Jelly Bean] to James Bond we're rounding up the week's mobile happenings, so click play on the video above to edify yourself.
All the week's major tech stories are covered, starting with hot-off-the-press reports that the [ Galaxy S3] is going to get an [/news/samsung-galaxy-s3-jelly-bean-update-rumoured-for-29-august/ update to Android 4.1][/news/samsung-galaxy-s3-jelly-bean-update-rumoured-for-29-august/ this very month] if you can believe it.

The update is reportedly in the final stages of testing, and will debut on 29 August, the same day that Samsung's set to unveil the [/news/samsung-galaxy-note-2-emerging-this-month-samsung-says/ Galaxy Note 2]. Samsung made a [/news/galaxy-s2-sim-free-owners-last-to-get-ics-samsung-admits/ total hash] of updating the [/reviews/samsung-galaxy-s2-review/ Galaxy S2] to [/news/ten-reasons-why-ice-cream-sandwich-beats-gingerbread/ Ice Cream Sandwich], so Galaxy owners will be hoping that the South Korean company can pull its socks up this time around.

Meanwhile what could be the [ iPhone 5]'s teeny tiny dock connector [/news/iphone-5-teeny-tiny-dock-connector-pictured/ has been photographed], along with a [/news/iphone-5-motherboard-leaks-components-assembled/ bunch of internal components for Apple's new gadget], which is rumoured to have a 4-inch display and a taller frame. Imagine an Olympic baton that plays [ Kingdom Rush] and you've got the basic idea.

There's been [/news/sony-xperia-t-is-james-bond-phone-in-skyfall-tx-leaks-too/ more information revealed regarding new Sony Xperia phones] -- the Xperia TX and Xperia T are both reckoned to have 720p displays and 13-megapixel cameras, while the latter is pegged to make an appear in upcoming suit-a-thon James Bond flick Skyfall.

Finally we've reviewed a phone so bad it made my colleague Natasha say "there's no logical reason to inflict this phone on anyone." Which smart phone disaster should you steer well clear of? Find out at the end of the video.

Have you spotted any tasty mobile news? Is there a phone you're particularly looking forward to? Tell me in the comments or on our [ Facebook wall].

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